Top Five Places (Not Bars or Night Clubs) to meet an Escort in Istanbul

Besides a rich heritage symbolic of some of the oldest cultural heritages in the world, modern Istanbul boasts of a string of great bars and nightclubs. Only the most beautiful Istanbul escorts match the nightclubs in the city for glamour. The two entities (escorts and nightclubs) are perceived to work in tandem and popular belief suggests bars and nightclubs as the best places to visit escorts.

But if you are keen for a girlfriend experience with the escort, you will have to think beyond bars and nightclubs. Here are five quick suggestions.

With or without an escort Basilica Cistern is a place you must visit on your tour to Istanbul. Of course, with an escort, the place appears to be all the more beautiful. Basilica Cistern allows you to peek into the rather complex system in which drinking water was once brought into the city from Thrace.
The cistern provides insight into 6th century architecture and makes for a visual experience that you would definitely want to share with an escort.

Aya Sofya was once a church, then it was a mosque and then it turned into a museum. Is this not reason enough you should be visiting the place with your escort? The place comes across as a reminiscence of the symbolic intermixing of cultures to which Istanbul has served testimony.
You can spend some quality time downstairs where the building is largely empty. If you are a talkative person, find another talkative person and hours will fly like minutes.

Most Istanbul escorts love it when their clients take them to the Topkapi Palace and once you visit the palace, you will get know the reasons. The palace has been home to generations of sultans (and there many wives). The palace is also one of the most visually enriching sites in Istanbul.
If there is one place in Istanbul that you cannot do without visiting, Topkapi Palace has to be it.

The blue mosque stands as something like the domed silhouette of the Aya Sofya, which is located at the span of a small park. To many, the mosque is not so much an attraction as is the lush green park that borders its premises.
Visiting the mosque (and the park) is in itself a very spiritually enriching experience. You can always spend a calm evening here with your lady in the evening before hitting a lavish night club when the sun sets.

The Galata tower is one of those destinations in Istanbul that does not make a view in itself as much as it does for the view it provides. Istanbul is one city that you would love to watch from where the birds see it. Located in the modern hub of Beyoglu, the tower provides a great view of the watery city of Istanbul. For More Information About Istanbul