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  • Catherine

    Wild and Sexy Blonde Istanbul Vip Escorts

    Hello! I´m wild and sexy blonde Istanbul Vip Escorts Catherine. She is quite an experienced professional in the field. She is now 25 and is in the istgirls.com since 5 years. She is a great woman to be with. She is

  • Svetlana

    Hungarian very sexy escort Svetlana

    Mariya is from Hungarian and her distinct and colorful features are only a reminder of her origin. Sandy hair flowing in a curly ruffle, aquiline nose that emerges from the world’s most beautiful pair of eyebrow arcs, lips that are shaped and sculpted by divine hands, Mariya is magic personified.

  • Penelope

    Hot and pretty party dancer escort Penelope in Istanbul

    At a height of 175cm and 53 kgs weight, Penelope is everything a man desires for. She loves to get decked up and visit various parties in and around Istanbul.

  • Milana

    Russian brunette beauty escort Milana in Istanbul

    Bertha is probably the sexiest escorts of all. Come and spend splendid time with her. She has mystical smile that attracts most men. Her well-toned body and sharp facial features have captivated so many hearts.

  • Alsu

    Russian Brunette Fantasy Escort Alsu

    Yes, friends are handsome and strong agents of İstanbul. My name is Alsu. I am a very beautiful brunette escort girl with 21 years old, 1.72 lbs, 51 kilos and 95D – 64 -95. I will add pleasure to the lives of colour-worthy İstanbul friends who call on me to their sacrifices and level in relation to their sexual experiences.

  • Nila

    Czech massage escort Nila in Istanbul

    She is a Czech Escorts girl who is bestowed with exceptional features and a body to die for. Her slender limbs and long legs are coveted by many and her natural good looks and well rounded assets make her nothing less than a goddess on Earth. She is quick like a nymph and soft like a butterfly always making her presence felt and hard to resist.

england (+90 539 733 78 20)


  • Whapsapp:+90 539 733 78 20
  • Viber:+90 539 733 78 20


  • Striptease / Lapdance
  • O-Level (Oral Sex)


  • Age:21
  • Hair Color:Black
  • Height:1.74 cm
  • Nationality:Russian
  • Weight:53 kg


  • 1 Hour:250 €
  • 2 Hour:350 €
  • 3 Hour:500 €
  • 6 Hour:1200 €

Russian Teen Brunette Escort Mihayela

Hi friends get plenty of fancy year by year. It’s my great pleasure to have sex with funny gentlemen who will contact me. I will fascinate myself with my tiny breasts. Age 21, colour 1.75, I’m not interviewing the ladies over the age of 54.

I hope that we will have a nice minute to have a smooth day. Passion is the way I look for my love. Any position we are in common will destroy your troubles. I wish you to be fine with people, we have feelings. I’m a cat-skinned, black-eyed, living person.

I cannot wait to have happiness for every seansta who want to be my partner. If you are happy about sex, I treat you accordingly. You see my number call me and reach me, do not get any closer. An elite Escort Istanbul that knows the details to make according to the event. The communication line is absolutely real, you can share the number by calling my number.

I’m planning with my penis cats, which need to say. I’ve been a dating worker since I was poor. You will wish for me when you see my behaviours. The places I would like to admit are good apartments. It is unforgettable to feel pleasure with your dating lady as you live. Self-confidence comes when I discover my fixed customers. You will find the position with the female escort in the style you want. Sensitive ladies are the most important criterion that fulfils the arbitrariness. You do not offer unilateralism, profanity. My real step is to tell Mihayela from Russia firstly a little bit from my character.

Your individual hygiene is the most irritating thing that raises your head. When you are with a beautiful young girl who treats you like me. I guarantee that our s will give definite results.

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