Violet is Aphrodite reborn escort in Istanbul.

Violet embodies voluptuousness and abundance in all sense of the terms. If a shapely body is the first thing that attracts you towards a woman, Violet is unquestionably the best pick.  Brandishing naturally granted deep curves and great shapes, Green eyes, marble skin, auburn curly hair, slender hands, toned legs, and pleasing curves, Violet is just an amazing creation of nature. With a face that is worth millions, Violet has a lot to thank her lineage. She is of mixed descendants that include Irish, Greek, Polish, Texan and British. Enough cannot be said about her true beauty, something that is very rare in the industry.

Added to that, Violet is a true romantic. A nature-lover, she loves to take pictures of things around her that catch her eyes. Aside being passionate about photography, she loves meeting new people and getting to know them up close and personal. She is never hesitant to take a step forward and lead her partners into an amorous bedroom episode. She is shy, but not coy. However, when it needs, she can be the bold and beautiful seductress who can erase all boundaries and magnetize men to a proximity that even a first-timer wouldn’t call uncomfortable.

Violet has worked as a lap and pole dancer in her early years, which she likes practicing at the start of the intimate sessions on clients’ request. A natural dancer she is, her proficiency in the art form is contributory to the litheness of her frame. She is open to teaching new acts to her clients’ as well as learn from them to use in future instances of application. In short, Violet will take your yearnings to a new level and let them loose while she meets them one at a time with great love and care.

1 Hour
250 €
2 Hours
400 €
3 Hours
500 €
1000 €
Plus Taxi
50 €


Oh! I love Violet so much. She is a lady killer. Her amply bestowed bosom, wider hips and slight waist tickled all my senses.
10.04.2015  Simon Mayer

Violet is a cutest girl I’ve had the privilege of dating. She is a sugar cup with who I enjoyed every minute with. Thumbs up for her!
10.04.2015  Edin Sudar

Olgun kadınlardan hoşlanan birisiyseniz Violet’e bayılacağınıza eminim. Hatun amerikan milflerine taş çıkaran cinsten, hem fizik hem yüz güzelliği anlamında. Verdiğiniz paranın çok çok daha fazlasını alacaksınız bana güvenin.

Ozan Hunkalı