Polish athletic blondie beauty

Veronika from Polish is a big lover of sports. Popular as an evening date for locals and foreign clients, she loves to catch up a sports match on her calls. Clients who know her closely do not worry about finding an equally enthusiastic partner on their weekend matches. This Polish escort loves to play tennis and has the body of player. Well toned and firm, her body is a wonderland for men. Kristen loves to explore and takes absolute delight at the idea of allowing another to explore her. She might try to slow it down at first so that the momentum picks up later towards the climax.

She is a great strip tease and with the show she starts the night. She might blindfold you to play it up a bit, if you like that. Otherwise, she might walk out of your washroom wearing one of your shirts and let you unbutton them as you please to discover her beautiful inside.

1 Hour
250 €
2 Hours
400 €
3 Hours
500 €
1000 €
Plus Taxi
50 €

Veronika was very generous to show an interest towards some of my most surreptitious fantasies.

David E.

Istanbul never fails to amaze you. Veronika is another beauty with strikingly alluring features and natural curves. She is a born performer.

Sven P.

Veronika likes it hard. It wouldn’t be wrong calling her a dominatrix. I went gaga for her when I saw her in tight fitting short skirt while holding a whip in her hand. 

Andrew L.

Bu ajansın kızlarına bağımlı olan bir arkadaşımın tavsiyesi üzerine randevulaştım Veronika ile. Açıkçası arkadaşımdan daha bağımlı oldum kıza. Bu yaşta bu kadar zarif, bu kadar masum bir güzellik ile tanışacağımı düşünmezdim. Kusursuz deneyimin için teşekkürler hayatım.

Varlık Saraf