Sana is an Polish escort living in Istanbul for some years now.

Sana is popular among her clients for her soft, brown skin and delicate looks. Large brown eyes, long jet-black hair, olive complexion and tall structure, Sana is every inch Polish on foreign soil. Born in Zurich, Sana had an up-class upbringing. She joined the escort industry shortly after she left college. Now aged 28, she’s already a hot favorite among clients who get magnetized by the exoticness that the East is all about. Sana has a flexible tongue that ensures her fluency in Turkish, English and Polish. She is a keen learner with a special interest in linguistics.

Sana specialized in the art of intercourse, having roots in the land of Kama Sutra. Though or especially because, she hails from a place where sex is a taboo, she is very open about it, to the point of brazenness. Sana believes in transparency when the experience has to be ultimate. She talks openly about what and how she likes it, and encourages her clients to voice their requirements. Sana is known among her list of loyal clients for being very specific and dedicated to the job. With a very high energy and enthusiasm, she keeps up all night doing kinky things that would keep the act going.

What’s remarkable about Sana is her sexual appetite which is big enough to keep them trying more than just once. However, talking about her grasp over the art, Sana has been in the business for years and has learnt everything that can be tried aiming satisfaction. She can go on all night till you are exhausted to redo it. Amorous inside the veils of privacy, she is just what any man would want to unleash their wildest and deepest desires on without feeling embarrassed.

1 Hour
250 €
2 Hours
400 €
3 Hours
500 €
1000 €
Plus Taxi
50 €

Sana has done an incredible job. I never thought that she will be ready to go to such an extent only to bring smiles on my face.

Mike L.

Polonyalı istanbul escort denince aklıma Sana’dan başkası gelmiyor benim. Bu onunla ikinci görüşmemiz oldu, her seferinde yeni bir kadın gibi cezbetmeyi biliyor beni.

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