Polish blonde bikini model Robbin in Istanbul

Robbin has the body of a bikini model and you will know it long before she stands baring it all before you. No matter how long and loose a garment Robbin dons, she can never hide that million dollar silhouette from visual appreciation. Robbin has silky skin that slide off touch with its evenness. The sultry beauty is a part-time model for swimsuits. Being a passionate lover, she is addicted to this trade. Robbin is an adventurer and she is all game even if it takes her as far as to the couch or bed.

Robbin doesn’t like to do things the usual ways. Say missionary, and she will boo. Say woman on top, she might show you a dozen new ways. Watch her grind and waltz as she shed her clothes allowing you visual of her picture perfect frame. Believe it or not, she doesn’t do body makeup and that is how perfect she is. She is low on makeup, but likes to accessorize her outfits in the most upscale manner. Bonnie is the perfect pick for all prestigious events where a crowd dazzler is needed to make an impact.

Bonnie is 5’10” with vital stats of 36-24-36. Her hourglass shape is coupled with her heart-warming personality that wins the crowd in an instant. She loves to talk and being well-read, she always ahs something or the other to interest you. This Istanbul Vip Escorts is a part of the elite league.

1 Hour
250 €
2 Hours
400 €
3 Hours
500 €
1000 €
Plus Taxi
50 €

I admire Robbin for her beauty and services. Her dedication towards the clients is worth praising. 

Larry V.

Dün gece Robin’le 3. görüşmemi gerçekleştirdim, bu hatun her seferinde beni şaşırtmayı nasıl başarıyor anlamış değilim. İşinde eksper seviyesinde, kaçıran da vazgeçen de çok üzülür.

Dave M.