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    Hungarian very sexy escort Mariya

    Mariya is from Hungarian and her distinct and colorful features are only a reminder of her origin. Sandy hair flowing in a curly ruffle, aquiline nose that emerges from the world’s most beautiful pair of eyebrow arcs, lips that are shaped and sculpted by divine hands, Mariya is magic personified.

  • Alsu

    Russian Brunette Fantasy Escort Alsu

    Yes, friends are handsome and strong agents of İstanbul. My name is Alsu. I am a very beautiful brunette escort girl with 21 years old, 1.72 lbs, 51 kilos and 95D – 64 -95. I will add pleasure to the lives of colour-worthy İstanbul friends who call on me to their sacrifices and level in relation to their sexual experiences. I have prepared a wide range of sex fantasy fans in accordance with your wishes and I can respond to all your requests individually. You can complete all your wishes, you cannot desire other women. I promise you that. Especially with the handcuffed bed fantasia and cream bed parts you are thrilled for the precious gentleman.

england (+373 789 97 136)


  • Whapsapp:+373 789 97 136
  • Viber:+373 789 97 136


  • Golden Shower
  • Erotic Massage


  • Age:21
  • Hair Color:Blonde
  • Height:1.74 cm
  • Nationality:Russian
  • Weight:50 kg


  • 1 Hour:250 €
  • 2 Hour:350 €
  • 3 Hour:500 €
  • 6 Hour:1200 €

Russian blonde dancer escort Mandi

Russian blonde dancer escort Mandi

Mandi is a rare blonde beauty. She is the kind of girl who can make a flea market dress look like a designer apparel just by donning it. Mandi is voluptuous and having come from Russia, near the coasts, she has a naturally warm complexion. Mandi is born blonde and the beautiful tone of her skin only strokes up the beauty of her hair.

Mandi is naturally voluptuous and her very slim waist makes her breasts and hips appear even fuller. Her tresses are just perfect, even in a bad hair day. Mandi is however, very feminine and when she removes her clothes, she appear almost divine. Even line in her body, every muscle is toned to perfection. With her shape revealing curves in all the right places, she is just mesmerizing to look at. Mandi is a hula dance champion and if you happen to take you to the beach, she might favor you with a spectacular dance.

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