Ukrainian most beautiful party escort Lola in Istanbul

Hailing from Ukraine, Lola has the best skin in the whole of Istanbul, in fact she is better than most of the models working here. Due to her attractive nature and cool nature, she has always been the center of attraction in any party. She is one of the most red girl sought after escorts in Istanbul.

1 Hour
250 €
2 Hours
400 €
3 Hours
500 €
1000 €
Plus Taxi
50 €

Lola is like a flower. Her intoxicating smell will make you go mad. 

Mark D.

I am totally fond of Lola. I would like to date her again and again. 

Patrick M.

I loved the poses of Lola. We two go wild while making love. I wish I could tun back the clock.

Frank P.

Lola is an innocent and bubbly girl. She is just superb to be with. Everything she does will make you go gaga about her. 

Marek Havian