Seductive brunette party escort Kamelia in Istanbul

Kamelia is a brunette girl who loves to party. You can take her with you to add glamour to the party ad to make your friends jealous. She has the talent to mix with all kinds of people and to entertain everyone present there. In other words, you can describe her as a complete party girl.

Her great sense of fashion makes her choose the trendiest clothes. She knows what suits her the most and dresses herself accordingly. When she will walk on the party floor holding your hands in that superb red gown, you can easily understand how men are controlling their passion of running to her and hug her.

Beauty is not the only thing in her that deserves your appreciation. She is also a great belly dancer. What’s the fun in the party if there’s no dance? Just request her to add to the element of fun by showing the dance and you will be amazed by her dancing talent. As she will move her soft and flat stomach, every man in the party will go crazy and they will want to see her dancing like this for a long time.

But, she is not easy to go at. You should book her services in advance by giving the agency a call.

1 Hour
250 €
2 Hours
400 €
3 Hours
500 €
1000 €
Anal Extra
+150 €

I had planned many things in mind that I would try, but when I met Kamelia, I forgot everything. When she stood right in front me, I got speechless in admiration. 

Adrian V.

Kamelia is an epitome of Armenian beauty. With black eyes, she can cast a spellbinding charm on anyone who dates her. So, try this beauty of Istanbul. 

Marc B.

To get dazzled by an hourglass figure, super soft skin and stunning skills, dating Kamelia is must. She is bold and is well-known for her knack to try new skills and poses. 

Jake L.

Kamelia was superb with her services. The lady did everything to impress me. Her first look took my breath away.  


Ortaköy’de arkadaş grubumun düzenlediği bir partide bana eşlik etti Kamelia, gecede en iz bırakan kadın olduğunu söyleyebilirim. Mükemmelsin bebek, tekrar görüşmek üzere…

Can Gürses