Serbian popular escort Amaya joined Istanbul Vip Escorts

Amaya is an extremely beautiful woman with pink cheeks and chiselled face. She is a siren in true sense. She is a graduate and has refined fashion sense. This woman of 25 has a never-give up attitude. She can keep on going with the act for long. Her dedication helps her to achieve perfection in what she does.

Amaya is very fair and is blessed with brown hair. This Serbian lady is equally good in speaking English, so you will have no issues talking to her. Her indomitable energy for sex is what makes her so special and popular.

1 Hour
250 €
2 Hours
400 €
3 Hours
500 €
1000 €
Plus Taxi
50 €

I spend an entire day with Amaya. We took a walk by the streets, went for coffee and spend some cozy moments in my apartment. 

Neon A.

My heart started to beat faster when Amaya approached me. But, soon I felt comfortable with her. Her soft fingers knows exactly which nerve to push in  a guy to make hm excited.

Andre D.

Amaya took away all my frustrations in life in a single night. Her husky voice, pouty lips, and brown hair are sure to draw one’s attention towards her.

Martin L.

Arkadaşlar kızın sevişme enerjisine bayıldım, normalde boşalmam uzun sürer ama, Amaya’da 10 dakika bile sürmedi. Doyumsuz olma konusu beni mest etti, üst üste 3 defa boşaldım. Off çok iyiydi.

Mert Albayrak