Estonian brunette beauty Aliana bachelor party services in Istanbul

Aliana is a sensuous brunette bomb who can entertain you to the full. With her great taste of fashion and wonderful interactive capability, she can lure anyone who has come in contact with her. Being a graduate, she indulges herself in some witty conversation with her client. Once her client start feeling comfortable, she unbuttons herself to start the show.

As she is a great belly dancer, she sets the dance floor on fire which makes her perfect bachelor’s party beast. Holding her waist while dancing with her making you feel that you are in the seventh heaven where n grief can ever touch you. Though she looks reserve from the outside, yet she can go wild while in bed. She will come forward, touch your sensuous parts to arouse your carnal passion, and then will jump on your lap to make the night once in a lifetime experience.

When her bosom touches your chest, your passion will flare up. And as she goes on touching and kissing you, you will wish the time to stop ticking. She loves the foreplay part the most when it comes to love-making. So, she will spend some time with you mainly in fore playing before loving you intensely.

1 Hour
250 €
2 Hours
400 €
3 Hours
500 €
1000 €
Anal Extra
+150 €

While in Istanbul, don’t forget to hire the services of professional Aliana, an Istanbul escort. She is one girl who knows how to do her job well. 

Richard W.

As soon as Aliana bosom touched my body, I felt flashing current passing through my whole body. Having her on my bed was like a dream come true. She is the best girl they have.

Matthew A.